Why We’re what’s next

Simply put, we invest in our people and our people invest in your projects and business.


We have been there. We have over 35 years of combine Industry experience within our management teams. We have had various roles, such as VP of HR, Director of operations, Project manager, Project coordinator, RF engineer, Construction manager and recruitment manger.

We have been in your shoes. We know how difficult it can be to find experienced and reliable employees/contractors. And that’s where we come in. Through our experience, we filter through the noise to find you the right candidates with the right skill sets for your projects.

We then, continue to invest in them via continued education, higher pay and more importantly, we get to really know them personally and make the necessary adjustments. This pays off in a big ways; the employee is highly motivated, and you will notice it in their performance. We call it “The TTS Way”

In depth Understanding of Client Objectives

Competency based Telecom and IT staffing solutions

Access to Nationwide resource pool

Our Mission

We, at TechTelecom solutions, pride ourselves in providing the most experienced and reliable technicians in the industry. We do so by hiring not just anyone, but technicians we have worked with on multiple projects from start to finish. Our main goal, in retaining the best and most reliable, is to prevent unnecessary turnovers that can impact our clients’ projects’ timeline and finances. With multiple projects and vendors’ offers in the industry, we have found ways to keep our core technicians on-board regardless of what offers they receive elsewhere. We believe in investing and taking care of our people so they, in return, keep our clients’ satisfaction as their utmost mission